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Monday, March 14, 2011

The washing machine

I complained about doing laundry. I hated the chore, fussed every time the laundry start piling up.
It was not until I lovingly hung my grandmother's wash board on the wall of my cabin that I realized how easy my laundry task was.
She was the mother of 9children, she washed their clothing every Monday on this wash board. Scrubbing away over a metal wash tub one item at a time.
Complain? Not anymore.


  1. I know what you mean Cathy!! My washing machine finally gave out a couple of months ago. At that time we didn't have the $ to go right out and buy a I said to hubby "don't worry I can wash things on the wash board for a while"....Now I now first hand what a hard chore it was. I think we should all have to give up our conveniences once in a while to see how it was done in the past. Not only is it good to know how to do things with out modern certainly gain an appreication for our lifestyles today.

  2. Lordy Lisa! if I thought I had to wash clothes with a wash board, well... I guess we would just go dirty! hahah

  3. You know that is one reason people didn't have many clothes back in the day!! I'm convinced of that!! It's been a great lesson for my daughter! She no longer changes clothes 5 times a day!! I love your blog!