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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Momma doesn't always know best!

When my son kept getting his dirt bike hung up in the mud, well... I was bound and determined to show him how
"it" was done.
"Get off that dirt bike, I will show you". Yes.. those were my exact words.
Going through the mud holes was not the problem, stopping a run a way dirt bike was the problem! My jacket got stuck in the throttle and away I went! Going down a logging road at 50 mph is not my choice of excitement!
I had a split second decision to make. I could either choose to wreck the bike or go over a 30 foot drop off. I chose to wreck it, mainly because I really didn't see myself pulling a super stunt at 46 years of age. After digging the dirt and a stick out of my leg and packing mud on the wound, the bleeding finally stopped.

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