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Monday, March 14, 2011

Cate's Gap

Sometimes in life you will come across a "Cate's Gap". Full of briar's, brush, rocks and straight down hill. How you get through that "Cate's Gap" is entirely up to you. You can maneuver through it complaining, stumbling and falling or you can get off your high horse, grab a stick and carefully make your way down it.
Giving up is not an option, if you give up you are left at the top of the hill while every one else moves on.
I compare life challenges with "Cate's Gap", hard to go through but rewarding when you finally get to the end.
Don't let life's briar's, rocks and steep hills keep you from reaching your goals.
Get off that horse, grab a large stick and take the challenge!


  1. What a wonderful look at life. Thanks for sharing today. I needed that!