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Monday, March 21, 2011

Third Mode of Transportation

Okay, me being the nature loving,tree hugging, environmentalist that I am...I bought two ATVS. I loved getting back to nature with my husband and son, but the Jeep could only take us so far.(Husband complained when I got it stuck) Now I can enjoy nature with my husband and son on the weekends. Neither one of them will ride a horse, they are absolutely scared of my four legged friends! Bobby fell off of one at age 12 and never got over the fear of riding. Zach was thrown from one at age 10 and swears he will never ride again.
An ATV is a bit different for me, I was always use to a dirt bike so I find this huge contraption tricky. Sure these things can go almost any where but not as well as my trusty stead. They are faster and will cover more ground, but unlike my horse they will tip over on if you lean just a certain way. Another down side to a ATV is the fact they eat gas and are louder than my horse.
I would rather load a 1,000 pound horse and saddle her up than load a ATV and have to buy gas. But the up side of the situation is now get to take my family along for the ride.
I guess it is worth it after hearing my husband say," I had the most fun I have had a very long time."

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  1. My husband is wanting to but another after all being without one since the kids were home. The only thing different about the horse and horse power will be those shoes he puts on two horses every time ya turn around and the rubber on the sides.