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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Love of friends

Every one should have close friends. I believe having close friends keeps you sane.
You share with them your trials and tribulations,laughter, pain, but most of all your heart and an ear.
I have a rather diverse group of women friends. Some are loud, some are quite. Some have master degrees, some 4 bachelor degrees and some have no degrees at all.
Some are nurses, insurance adjusters, human resource managers, teachers, physiologic experts, some are social workers, mothers and doctors. Some drink moonshine, some drink coffee, some smoke, some don't. Some could cuss a sailor under the ship, some would never cuss!
But all these women have one thing in common, ME!
I love my diverse group of women friends....


  1. It is a true blessing to have a close group of women whom we confide , spend time , laugh and cry with .....Through the years I have become more grateful and I cherish the women in my own life as well .....We have dinner together , host barn sales together , have hobbies together , but most of all we encourage one another whenever we can .