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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wash or warsh

Okay, so I am pretty aware of the fact that wash does not have an R in it. I might be a bit country but I am by no means ignorant. Yes, I slip up sometimes and throw an extra letter in a common word. I can't help it, just my accent.
It really gets my goat when a another adult points out your mis pronunciations. I am sure they are not the most perfect human alive.
So, with that being said, I have some "warshing to get done".


  1. Thank you for grabbing my button!
    I say warshing with a southern accent. Lol!

  2. You should live in my town where a sandwich is a sanghich and henna means yes lol .....Isn't is neat to see and hear the different dialects even in our own country .....I personally think it sounds kinda nice reminds me of being somewhere where there is more peace and less chaos .....Have a great night

  3. So true. Where I live there are several different dialects.