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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little bit of Heaven

Every Friday I sat with anticipation waiting for the clock to hit 4pm. I lock my office door and hurry to my Jeep as fast as my legs can carry me. Why, you might ask? Because the mountains are calling me!
The silence in the mountains is hard to explain if you have never been there. You hear nothing but nature at its finest. You smell nothing but the scent of the trees and grasses beneath your feet. Night time in the mountains is so lovely that it almost takes your breath away! The stars are brighter, the air cooler and the moon seems larger.
Tree frogs sing their melodies through out the night and from a distance you can hear the barn owl calling for his mate.
It is Wednesday, Friday is right around the corner. My office door will be locked, keys in hand I will sprint to my Jeep with great joy.

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