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Thursday, March 10, 2011

New life for old cabinets

Found these old kitchen cabinets in a barn that belonged to my cousin.. a little elbow grease and I have cabinets!
Found the ceiling light at a second hand store, in the process of making the lamp shades for the bulbs. I wrapped the light chain in material to hide the chain.


  1. Wonderful work ... where do you do most of your crafting and recycling / upcycling ?....i ask because I know for me the winters are a hard time and i often wish I had a heated garage to do the projects ....I would get more accomplished .

  2. These cabinets fit perfectly! Couldn't have done better if you had bought new! Goes to show what a little "elbow grease" can do!

  3. I do most of my crafting on my sunporch in the winter months. On the weekends I take my projects to my cabin.. I am a very busy lady during the week, working until 4pm and then a 30 minute drive home.. it is not until the summer that I can actually rest. I get 3 months off for summer.