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Friday, March 18, 2011

My Daughter

When I was raising my daughter I thought it was the hardest job I ever had and would often wonder if I was raising her right.
She was a little girl with a since of adventure. If it was a challenge, well she was up for it!
She loved tea parties and Barbie dolls, but you could also find her playing in the dirt with her cars and trucks.
 She could be a little lady one day and a tom boy the next.
My little girl is all grown up now. I can honestly say I have no doubt that I raised her right..


  1. What a beautiful young lady .....The hardest job we ever take on and we get no guarantees no matter what we are doing however I think you should keep doing what you have doing .....You know I used have a pair of cowboy boots just like that.

  2. Ya know, I've got twin 15 yr old'em a whole bunch...they maybe coming to live with us at the cabin...woot,woot...I'm so happy! Mel's Cabin

  3. Summer, she stole my boots! haaahhaha