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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Rocking Chair

Oh! If this old rocking chair could speak the stories it could tell. My husband thought I was crazy when I drug this old chair to the cabin. The arm had fallen off and it was covered in dirt and spider webs, but it had a beauty hidden deep within it. The chair drew me to it, calling me with its unusual appeal. After a good cleaning and reattaching the arm I sat in it for a trial run.
The seat sat perfect and the arms were the right height. It was the most comfortable chair I had ever sat in. Better than any high price chair from a furniture store, it had found a new home.
This weekend I sat proudly in my old worn chair, running my fingers across the arms and imagining who probably sat in it from days gone by. How many babies had that chair put to sleep,  how many Bible stories were read while softly rocking? Who's tears had it helped soothe and sleepiness nights did it endure?
Yes, it has found a new home, on my cabin porch.


  1. Love the rocking chair Cathy!! I have a rocker that belonged to my grandfather. I also have a photo of him sitting in it. When I get to missing "Pa-Pa" I sit in his chair and feel closer to him. Silly I know but.....

  2. Many a time rocking on my grandmothers porch in a chair like that one. Brings back memories, good ones! I love your chair and your post!