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Monday, February 28, 2011

Magazines make the perfect wall covering

I wanted to keep the cost of decorating my weekened cabin at a minimal. I decided to cover the walls with Kentucky Explorer magazine pages. The pages are historical stories about Kentucky, they have a lot of old pictures that just added to the charm. The stain glass window above the bed was picked up at a local flea market for the low price of 15.00!
What do you do with rusty barb wire, sea grass baling twine, washers and horse shoes? Make a western wreath of course!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inside my outhouse

The brackets in the corners are from the porch posts at my house when I remodeled. The metal bracket holding the shelf(old shutter) is a tin ridge cap from the roof of my house before renovation. I metal water cooler belonged to my grandfather.


Today I couldn't resist the urge to go riding. This winter has been a very long one!
After wading through about 3 inches of mud, brushing my horse for an hour and finally loading up I was exhausted.
My husband , who does not ride thinks I am crazy! Why, he ask would someone find joy in doing this?
It is the sense of adventure, the wind in my hair, the calming sounds of the babbling brook, the squeal of the hawk over head. The soft nuzzle of a horses nose against my face, the musty smell of my horse, the power of knowing that I am in control of a 1,000 pound animal. These are the reason I ride, the reason I wade in mud.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Girl friends

True friends are hard to find. A true friend knows everything you have done and still likes you. They don't judge you by the mistakes you have made, smile with you at the funny things and cry with you during the sad.
I think the world of my friend Pam. I met her while riding horses and can say I have found a true friendship. I smile at all her zany antics and her philosophical views on life.

horse hair bracelets

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Evolution of Home: A Horse Is Of Course A Piece Of Art

The Evolution of Home: A Horse Is Of Course A Piece Of Art: " Remember when I said I was into rustic? (I said it here.) Well I’ll say it again; I’m really into rustic! Another t..."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Love

A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this house. I have spent the last 20 years of my life remodeling this house and turning it into the home of my dreams.

Going to the Capitol and Snow Days

I was ask to take a trip to the Kentucky Capitol with Madison County Leadership. I was quite honored to be apart of this group.
Apart from almost getting thrown out of the Senate meeting and freezing too death walking between the Capitol and Governor's Mansion , I must admit it was a wonderful experience!
Today school was called off early, the snow is coming down hard and you can barely see the mountains. I see us going to school until July if this keeps up! I realize that most people work in the summer, we are just spoiled. I cherish my summer vacation, the long hours slowly baking in the pool, horse rides until 10pm and sleeping in.One snow day here or there is not so bad, but 10, that is bad.
Getting back to the Capitol trip, I guess you are wondering how I almost got thrown out. I was texting during the Senate meeting. Then stupid me takes out my camera to take a picture of a lovely sign and I get in trouble again. I thought the Capitol belonged to the people, after all that is what they kept telling us!
I spent 5 minutes in the bathroom trying to figure out why the towel dispenser would not come on, only to discover it was not motion activated!
Needless to say,you can take the girl out of Berea but you can't take the Berea out of the girl!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Day In The Life Of Me

Have you ever noticed that you have a hard time finding your lipstick in your purse,your car keys or your cell phone? Why is it that when 5am rolls around you can always find the snooze button on your clock in pitch blackness? Baffles me, does it you?
So I over slept this morning and got ready for work so quickly I think I broke the sound barrier! My son was sick, I told him he would feel better. I spilled my coffee on the way to the Jeep, dropped my cell phone, sneezed while putting on my mascara and forgot to let the dog out!
I showed up for work looking like I  had slept in a ditch! Hurried into work and discovered I had left my office keys in my Jeep. Ran back outside retrieved my keys and tripped over the concrete parking lot barrier on my way back in. Needless to say I was wore out by 8am.
I received a call at 10am from my son's teacher, remember I told him he would feel better? I had to leave work and drive 20 miles back to town to pick him up. I had to take him back to work with me because his father did not answer his cell phone or the house phone!
I sure hope tomorrow that I don't hit the snooze button!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The joys of no coffee filters

Skipped bringing my own coffee to work this morning because I was running a little behind. Why was I running behind? Getting an eleven year old boy prepared for a day of school can be trying some times. He insisted on wearing a new pair of pants to school that I had failed to hem the night before. Pants hemmed, deodorant check, teeth check, home work check and belt check(they are required to tuck in and wear a belt) he was headed out the door. I realized at the last minute I could not find my name badge. I turned the house upside down only to discover I had left it in my Jeep. Finally off to work with a few minutes to spare. I came in my office grabbed my coffee cup and headed to the lounge with the aroma of coffee in my mind. I opened the cabinet only to discover we were out of filters. My recycle mode kicked in as I went into to frantic mode. I was so desperate for coffee, the thought of using my sock actually crossed my mind. To save my co-workers from being traumatized I opted for a paper towel. I have to say the paper towel worked like a charm!