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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Going to the Capitol and Snow Days

I was ask to take a trip to the Kentucky Capitol with Madison County Leadership. I was quite honored to be apart of this group.
Apart from almost getting thrown out of the Senate meeting and freezing too death walking between the Capitol and Governor's Mansion , I must admit it was a wonderful experience!
Today school was called off early, the snow is coming down hard and you can barely see the mountains. I see us going to school until July if this keeps up! I realize that most people work in the summer, we are just spoiled. I cherish my summer vacation, the long hours slowly baking in the pool, horse rides until 10pm and sleeping in.One snow day here or there is not so bad, but 10, that is bad.
Getting back to the Capitol trip, I guess you are wondering how I almost got thrown out. I was texting during the Senate meeting. Then stupid me takes out my camera to take a picture of a lovely sign and I get in trouble again. I thought the Capitol belonged to the people, after all that is what they kept telling us!
I spent 5 minutes in the bathroom trying to figure out why the towel dispenser would not come on, only to discover it was not motion activated!
Needless to say,you can take the girl out of Berea but you can't take the Berea out of the girl!

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