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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Day In The Life Of Me

Have you ever noticed that you have a hard time finding your lipstick in your purse,your car keys or your cell phone? Why is it that when 5am rolls around you can always find the snooze button on your clock in pitch blackness? Baffles me, does it you?
So I over slept this morning and got ready for work so quickly I think I broke the sound barrier! My son was sick, I told him he would feel better. I spilled my coffee on the way to the Jeep, dropped my cell phone, sneezed while putting on my mascara and forgot to let the dog out!
I showed up for work looking like I  had slept in a ditch! Hurried into work and discovered I had left my office keys in my Jeep. Ran back outside retrieved my keys and tripped over the concrete parking lot barrier on my way back in. Needless to say I was wore out by 8am.
I received a call at 10am from my son's teacher, remember I told him he would feel better? I had to leave work and drive 20 miles back to town to pick him up. I had to take him back to work with me because his father did not answer his cell phone or the house phone!
I sure hope tomorrow that I don't hit the snooze button!


  1. Motherhood is grand occupation...enjoy it while they are young...Mel's "empty nest" Cabin

  2. Love your cabin. Mels right, enjoy it while you can because they grow up too fast.

  3. LOL I think we can all relate to those kinda days ....I absolutely love your cabin what a great retreat and some cool decorating ideas....enjoyed reading

  4. hi just browsing through some blogs and happened to come upon yours and i must say i love the cabin ....GOD has gifted you with artistic ability , cherish the little one ....yes they grow up way too fast ....and one thing i have learned is that men never answer phones lol....prayerfully you will awaken bright and early monday morning