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Monday, May 2, 2011

Rooster Mayhem

I was given two roosters the other day. Who knew they couldn't get along with one another. If this keeps up I think I will start charging admission to back garden! My son says it is better than television, I have to agree, kind of. With all the racket and fighting they do, I have to admit it has been worth it. I do love to hear them cackle and crow in the morning.


  1. Oh my word !! I must say that roosters can be down right mean but they are as you said nice to hear in teh morning ....My girlfriend had a rooster named Curly and she had to send him off to her brothers farm because he was attacking the kids ....Out of the blue he would come from out of no where and jump at their backs ....I mean it was hysterical at times to watch but he did get down right mean as time went on ....Poor Curly now he is on a working cattle farm @ the bottom of the list as far as favorites go !!

  2. better at a cattle farm then on the dinner table! haha