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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another's man's trash is my treasure

So I love to get what is old and turn it into something new. I think is something I HAD to do at one time, you know when you are first starting out in life.
I left my comfortable family home at 21 and married my sweetheart. We thought we could live on love, don't we all?
I use to go home to visit my mom and dad and go upstairs and lay in my old bedroom and wonder what on earth I was thinking. But of course when we are young we think we know everything. Okay enough of that, I need to get on with why I redo someone else's trash..
It started out as a way of getting my home furnished when I was young. People would give me their old things and I would turn it into something different. My little house began to take shape with others throw aways.
When I finally was able to afford nice new things, I realized I didn't really need them after all. I would rather go on the hunt for something unique than spend a lot of money on something that will go out of style or break down in a couple of years. Face it folks, the new stuff is not made like the old. So with that being said, I continue to do what I have always done. Now I do it out of love and enjoyment instead of having to.
This room in my house was furnished with all old things that I have reworked. The table was an oak table my husband inherited when his grandmother passed. I painted it , much to my mother in law's dismay and my mother gave me the chairs. The old fireplace mantel topper in the background came from a yard sale for 5.00. I painted it, and hung old plates in the center. The concrete, yes that is concrete, light post in the corner was salvaged from a friends junk pile. The window brackets are the trim from the porch posts that once stood on my house.


  1. I love the old and what you have turned these treasures into are priceless...

  2. Very nice. Do come over and see my blog giveaway . I think it would be fun to have a horse.