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Friday, November 11, 2011

almost done

After ripping up the carpet and exposing a terrible looking half pine half oak wood floor I painted it! White to be exact. But I didn't stop there, the mantel turned white also.
The tall concrete light post was drug out of a trash pile and the china dolls in the photo frame were DUG out of the ground. Yes, I said DUG. When my pool was being put in the dolls were found.
I am still working on the room and will post pictures when it is finally done.
Working a full time job is hampering my renovations.


  1. I love it! White always makes a beautiful room! A statement!

  2. Oh I forgot to ask you, Would you please come re follow me so my new URl will work plus re-grab my blog button since this one on here doesn't work anymore? Thanks, I appreciate you following me!